John Nixon Photography

John Nixon Photographer


Environmental Portraits

When I started out using the camera, I never thought that I would enjoy photographing people. I have learned that people are very challenging and it has pushed me in the direction I am at now. 


The Possibilities are endless!

Grandview Ohio

Grandview Ohio


Black and White photography was the first thing that was presented to me as a photographic outlet. I was told I was an amazing Dark Room printer. Now we use Photoshop. I strive to find the best Black and White photos I can using Photoshop.

Concerts Events and People at Them

Concert photography is one of my favorite things to do. See a live show from the pit, make photos, and hear great music.

Please check out my blog post on how to be a concert photographer, I have a list of things I never leave home with out for a concert, and how to build credentials to get those big shows. (coming soon)

String Cheese Incedent at The LC, Columbu Ohio

String Cheese Incedent at The LC, Columbu Ohio

Scioto Mile

Scioto Mile

Walk About’s Around the City of Columbus

Columbus! What can I say about photographing Columbus? Most of the shots I have here are at night. I quote my good friend Tom "The Light is Better at Night" he is a brilliant photographer and I would give you a link to his work, but he refuses to share his work on line.

Instagram Feed,    a peek into everyday life.


I am starting The Second Thirty Day Portrait project, if you are interested in volunteering please let me know.